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Summer isn’t over until every last drop of fun has been squeezed out of it! If you haven’t already, try doing some of the activities below with your caree.

Get involved in your community

Many community events are scheduled during the summer, and what’s more, they’re often free! See what local food festivals, musical offerings, flea markets, art displays and similar events are happening where you and your caree live. Just make sure to take the caree during a time when it won’t be too hot, and always have a cold drink available.

Go fishing

One of the best things about fishing is that its prime hours are early in the day, before things have had a chance to really warm up. It’s also a peaceful, quiet activity your caree is sure to enjoy. And if either of you reel in a catch, dinner is served!

Have a picnic

Outdoor meals are always fun, but picnics are a great way to make lasting memories. You can visit a beautiful park for the occasion or stay right in the caree’s backyard. You can take a companion animal along, play board games or do anything that can fit in a picnic basket!