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21139686 - stress of a businessman with a big rockAre you feeling a bit overburdened lately? Fatigued? Sort of like you’re carrying around a 300-pound boulder on your back?

First off, it’s one of life’s natural consequences that as we grow older, our energy levels decrease. We don’t seem to have the ability to put in those all-nighters to finish important projects like we once did. Our motivation at work or at play can start to lag. Sometimes our general excitement about life itself begins to wane.

The good news is that there are a few proven things you can do to help restore the energy levels you once enjoyed:

  1. Redesign your diet. When we’re young, it feels as though we can eat practically anything. Our bodies seem to burn it off like jet fuel. We can eat junk food to our heart’s content and never gain significant weight. When it’s crunch time, we always seem to find the energy necessary to get ‘er done. Well, if you haven’t already discovered it yet, the same isn’t true as we get older. As the years progress, it becomes essential that we transform our daily diet. But we’re not talking about just cutting calories. We’re talking about eating more whole grains, fruits, vegetables and nuts and getting enough protein and fiber. As you get older, every bite counts and a quality diet not only has a dramatic effect upon our energy levels, it can significantly improve our state of mind as well.
  2. Exercise — deliberately. We’re not just talking about walking the dog around the block or spending a few hours a week on the court with friends. Any amount of activity is beneficial, but regular and moderate exercise is key. Talk to your physician about how much exercise can help you live a healthier life, which type of activity most suits you and the best way to ease into a regular exercise routine that includes both heart-pumping activity and weight-bearing exercise. Both are vitally important as you age to remain active and healthy.
  3. Seek reliable advice. — Your primary care provider can be a great place to start to figure out how to feel your best. He or she can help you assess your diet and exercise and set realistic health and wellness goals.