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8747058_MIf you’re a caregiver, you know that many times, it can seem like a full-time job. But what if you have another full-time job on top of that – one that actually pays your own personal bills? There are a few ways to balance work with caregiving. Take a look at a few of them below.

Talk to your boss – today

Whether it’s your direct supervisor, your regional manager or your local Human Resources (HR) department, you need to get ahead of the caregiving-work balance issue sooner rather than later. Arrange a formal meeting with your superiors to discuss what your options might be, while reiterating that you remain committed to your job.

Know your workplace’s policies

The chances are good that you aren’t the only person who has even brought up this problem. As such, your workplace may already have policies regarding caregiving and time spent on the job. Ask your boss what those policies are or if there’s a manual you can study to familiarize yourself with them.

Don’t let a caregiving emergency prompt your meeting

The meeting with your superiors should take place before – not after – a crisis arises with your loved one. Hopefully, such a crisis will never occur, but if it does, it’s the worst possible time to begin the conversation about work/caregiving balance – both for your boss and for you.