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22484450 - happy old lady smell her colorful flowersPost-retirement, time takes on a new meaning — as in, there’s more of it! Hours that were once spent at work are now yours to spend as you’d like. Are you taking full advantage?

As we transition out of a 9 to 5 schedule, hobbies can help keep us happy, healthy and mentally engaged. Don’t have much in way of hobbies now? No worries….we’ve compiled a list of some great ways to spend your time in retirement and how to get started:

  • Join a club. If there is a particular activity you enjoy, find a local club that specializes in it! Think gardening, quilting, reading, exercising, etc.
  • Try new things. Just because you enjoy golfing doesn’t mean you should spend most of your time on the course. Pick up a racquet and hit the pickleball court or throw a lure in the water…you never know what your new hobby will be or the people you’ll meet if you don’t broaden your horizons.
  • Form your own club. If there isn’t a group that you like, form your own! Grab some friends, your favorite pastime, and enjoy it together.
  • Keep it to yourself. There’s no requirement to share your hobby with the world (or a small group)…you can just as easily pass your time enjoying things by yourself.
  • Join a service organization. Volunteering in retirement offers a host of benefits to your community — and you. Volunteering isn’t a hobby per se, but it is a great way to spend some of your time each week or month. Volunteering can be fun, a great way to meet other people and studies have shown that volunteering is good for body and mind.
  • Do something active. Hobbies can be great for our health and well-being — even more so if there is physical activity involved.
  • Have as many hobbies as you want. There’s no limit to how many hobbies one can have, so take on as many as you want. If you find you don’t like something new you’ve tried, it’s OK to try something else.
  • Keep it simple. Having a hobby doesn’t always require expensive gear and lots of time…it can be as simple as working a puzzle on your dining room table or going for a stroll to birdwatch on a pretty day.
  • Switch it up. Much like the weather, your hobbies can have seasons, too. You obviously aren’t going to enjoy snow skiing in July, just as you can’t sit outside and read a book during a snowstorm! Having multiple hobbies for each season can help you stay busy, active and connected to the world around you year-round.