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Being a caregiver is a complicated role. It asks a lot of you, in terms of time and money. But there is also an emotional cost … how do you deal with it when it crops up?


Anger, irritation and resentment can come from the feeling that the caregiving role is thrust upon you – that you are unappreciated, trapped and stressed out.

The remedy:

Try to take regular breaks from caregiving – possibly even employing a respite service.


Guilt is another common emotion that caregivers run into. It’s easy to feel that you could be doing more for your loved one … or that you wish you didn’t have to provide care at all.

The remedy:

Forgive yourself. Realize that you are only human – there is only so much you can accomplish in a day. Also, it’s completely normal not to want to take on the caregiving role.


Sadness is an almost inevitable emotion in a caregiver. When your loved one’s memories and abilities decrease, your heart breaks a little each time you see them slipping away.

The remedy:

If you truly feel your sadness is morphing into full-blown depression, see a medical professional right away.