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As a caregiver, you may regularly accompany your caree to doctors’ appointments. And when you get there, it’s important to know the right things to say and do so that you can proactively protect your caree’s health. Below are a few good tips to keep in mind.

Be prepared

Write any questions or concerns you have about the patient or appointment beforehand so you don’t forget. Be sure to note any change in the caree’s symptoms or condition since the last appointment. Even if you don’t think a change is significant, mention it anyway. You never know when something will turn out to be crucial.

Write it down

No matter how good your memory is, don’t count on it alone to see you through the appointment. Bring a pen and notepad, or record the session on your phone so you can go over it later. If your caree is cognitively able to ask questions, record the answers to these as well.

Don’t forget to follow-up

As any good doctor (and caregiver) knows, the follow-up is just as important as the appointment itself. Get any new or changed prescriptions from the pharmacy. Update any medication lists you have for your caree. Make follow-up appointments and schedule tests, calling for any test results, if necessary.