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39411648_MCaregiving can be rewarding, but it comes with challenges that can also be overwhelming. Here are some of the classic signs to watch for that indicate you need a break or some help.

Household chores. Cooking, cleaning, shopping and other chores are piling up, and you don’t know how you’re going to accomplish them all.

Medical care and medication. You’re getting confused managing your loved one’s prescriptions, doctors’ appointments, and insurance paperwork.

Personal care and hygiene. It’s becoming harder to help your loved one accomplish basic personal tasks like eating, grooming, bathing, and using the restroom.

Time and personal needs. Your individual responsibilities and needs aren’t attended to, caregiving takes up the majority of your time, or you don’t remember the last time you had a day off.

Mood. You’re anxious or depressed (or more so than usual), easily distracted or unable to focus, or you lose your temper easily.

These symptoms can indicate you’re overwhelmed and need a break or help. And they won’t go away on their own. Don’t wait to get help with caregiving. If you need it, reach out today!